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Victoria’s Secret model conned lawyer into renting drab apartment through embellished Airbnb listing: lawsuit

This place is a dump!

That’s what California lawyer Christian Pugaczewski says about the “fashionable” apartment he thought he was renting on Roosevelt Island this summer from a Victoria’s Secret model.

In papers filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, Pugaczewski said the apartment offered on Airbnb was so dreadful that he fled immediately to a relative’s couch in the suburbs before finding an alternative one-bedroom — for twice the money — on the Upper East Side.

The lawyer, from New Jersey, is suing Airbnb and landlord, Lyndsey Scott, charging they fraudulently lured him into renting the one-bedroom unit by advertising it with good reviews, misleading photos and describing it as having a “fashionable decor” and a “comfy yet modern vibe.”

Pugaczewski said as a former Manhattanite, he was familiar with Roosevelt Island and thought from the “verified” photos on Airbnb he was getting a one-bedroom unit in a new building called Riverwalk. He signed up for June, July and August.

“I thought I was getting a good deal because it’s Roosevelt Island,” he said of the monthly rent of $3,075.

He also said he’d used Airbnb before with much success.

However, he said, this bargain one bedroom was down the street from Riverwalk in what used to be low-income housing called Eastwood. It’s now been rebranded Roosevelt Landings.


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