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Staten Island man pummeled by NYPD cop during asthma attack files $6M suit

A gay Staten Island man suffering from an asthma attack was pummeled by an NYPD cop who repeatedly called him a “f—ing f—-t,” a new $6 million lawsuit alleges.

One night last September, James Rolkiewicz was walking on Barrow St. near Hudson St. in the West Village when he started to have an asthma attack, his suit says.

After Rolkiewicz sat on the steps of Greenwich House Music to find his inhaler, an NYPD patrol car stopped alongside the curb. Two cops got out and walked toward him.

One of the officers “repeatedly called him ‘a f—ing f—-t’ while demanding his identification, while plaintiff was having an asthma attack,” the lawsuit, filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, charges.

The same cop cuffed him and “repeatedly smashed his face and head into the hood of the NYPD patrol car” — while the other officer did nothing, the suit says.

“He specifically made that a point,” Rolkiewicz said of his sexual orientation, “because he kept calling me a ‘f—ing f—-t,’

“If you have this problem with gay people, how are you an officer in the Village?”

Rolkiewicz was “brutally handled, punched, kicked, abusively treated, placed in a chokehold, handcuffed and choked until he lost consciousness,” the filing says.


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