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Singer Chris Brown to go from private jets to “Con air”

Reported By Liku Zelleke

The Chris Brown saga continues: Brown, 24, will be in a District of Columbia court on Monday to face assault charges. But, another judge in L.A. will also be waiting for the outcome to decide whether he will be remanded to jail.

If he is acquitted, Brown’s lawyer will have a chance to argue that the singer be allowed to make his own way back to California for the probation hearing. Otherwise it is back on “Con Air” (the federal inmate transport system) in chains – the way he was transferred to D.C., and a far cry from the private jets and first class commercial seats he is used to.

According to court schedules, Brown’s trial will start right after D.C. Superior Judge Patricia Wynn gives her verdict on last week’s trial of Christopher Hollosy (Brown’s bodyguard who is facing the same charges as his boss). They are both accused of a sidewalk brawl that occurred last October, which resulted in the breaking of Parker Adams’ nose. Hollosy is expected to admit that it was he who threw the punch that injured Adams’ and that he did so because it was his job to protect Brown.

Hollosy’s trial was brought up before Brown’s so that he could testify freely in his boss’ defense.

Bernard Grimm, Hollosy’s lawyer, is arguing that Adam’s is looking to make a fast buck by accusing the duo of assaulting him.

A witness at the Hollosy trial, Jalen Garrison said that she and a friend were posing for pictures with Brown when Adams, who is her boyfriend, tried to take a selfie with the singer.

Brown became upset and told Adams, “I don’t like that gay shit.”

Garrison said that Brown then lunged at Adams, striking him in the face.

Another witness, a limousine driver, has also testified that he saw them hitting Adams.

Brown’s trial was expected to start on Friday but was delayed because Judge Wynn said that she needed more time to decide Hollosy’s case.

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