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Law firms in Texas show serious gender gap in promotions

Law firms like to tout their efforts to promote women lawyers. They say they’ve improved at retaining and advancing women lawyers into positions of leadership.

But a Texas Lawbook study of 40 of the largest firms in the state shows that a serious gender gap continues to plague most law firms in Texas.

Only a small cadre of law firms have experienced extraordinary success promoting women to partner. A large majority of Texas firms continue to lag.

Nearly half of the law firms in the study (18 of 40) promoted no women or just one woman to partner in the last three years.

The number of women promoted to partner this year was up a modest 5 percent from a decade ago.

“It is statistically bizarre that firms can’t promote more women,” said Linda Chanow, executive director of the Center for Women in Law, an organization formed five years ago to address issues facing women in the profession. “There is a big difference between talking about promoting women and actually doing it.”

The Texas Lawbook study analyzed three years of partner promotions in an effort to avoid a possible one-year aberration. The results show no significant improvement during this year’s round of promotions.

READ MORE via Gender gap seen in promotions at most law firms in Texas | Dallas Morning News.

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