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Law designed to protect cops from ambush attacks lacks federal funding

A federal law meant to protect police officers from ambush attacks has languished for 15 months with no effort to implement its changes, according to a new report.

Named for two New York City cops killed execution-style in 2014, the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act was supposed to create several new tools to help keep law enforcement safe — including a nationwide system to send alerts about threats to cops.

But under President Obama — who pledged to do “everything we can to help ensure the safety of our police officers” — the Blue Alert is still not in place, USA Today reported.

After filing multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, USA Today was told by the Justice Department that it had taken more than a year to figure out which office was responsible for enacting the new law, the newspaper reported.

Even after a series of attacks that killed 14 law enforcement officers through July 20, the Blue Alert is still not up and running.

At the bill’s signing on May 19, 2015, Obama said the new system would give officers a way to combat the element of surprise in ambush attacks.

“When we know there is an active threat against law enforcement . . . the alerts are going out at a comprehensive and expeditious way,” Obama said.

A Justice Department spokeswoman said Tuesday that there had been progress.


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