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Class action lawsuit against McDonald’s alleges illegal labor practices

By: Krystle Crossman

McDonald’s has been in the news for lawsuits filed by customers for years. They have been sued for coffee that is too hot. They have been sued with the claim that they make people fat (although that one was thrown out by a judge). Now they are part of a much bigger lawsuit involving their employees. Claims from the suit include (but are not limited to); not being paid when working overtime, not getting breaks, and employees having their time illegally adjusted.

Class-action suits from California and New York employees have been filed against the fast food giant. Some of their former managers have come forward with statements of alleged illegal practices that were witnessed. One manager said that she was told that before they could shut down at night, they needed to adjust the labor. This meant that time cards were adjusted so it looked like employees had breaks when they really didn’t.

They were adjusted to make it look like the employee had only worked 40 hours even if they had gone over that. The store managers claimed that they would add the hours onto the next pay period so that they wouldn’t have to pay overtime. Some of the former managers also said that they saw deductions being taken from paychecks of the workers that were illegal such as deductions for name tags and shirts, which is a uniform that the store is supposed to provide upon employment.

Some of the workers at the stores that are filing suits said that they had to keep working after their shift was over but had to clock out because they would have gone over 40 hours. They would get in trouble for going over but were forced to stay after they had clocked out. Workers in Detroit say that they are scheduled for a certain time but if there aren’t enough customers when they get there they are forced to wait around without clocking in until enough customers come in.

McDonald’s headquarters says that they are looking into the claims to see if they are valid and will take the appropriate action.


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