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Do You Think Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations Are a Conspiracy?

You should not. And let me tell you why. By now everyone is pretty familiar with the Bill Cosby sexual assault allegation saga that includes a list of over twenty women who have brought accusations against him. Most of …

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What The Justice Department Finds When It Investigates City Police Is Truly Disturbing

On Thursday, the Justice Department released the results of a 20-month investigationinto the use of force by Cleveland police. The review was unequivocally damning, finding the department responsible for an alarming …

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Oregon cops post ‘I am Darren Wilson’ images on Facebook

The chief of Portland, Ore.’s police on Monday ordered three officers to remove”I am Darren Wilson” images from their Facebook pages. The image in question refers to the officer who shot and killed …

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Reports: Ferguson grand jury has made decision

A St. Louis County grand jury has completed deliberations in the case of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen in August touched off weeks of sometimes violent protests, …

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Two teachers arrested for sleeping with the same student

Child abuse is always a serious crime.  But when the crime involves two teachers and a 17 year old boy, opinions will differ about whether or not the student was a victim.  His parents will say “yes,” but …

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New Michael Brown video may get cop convicted

It’s a view of the Michael Brown shooting we hadn’t seen before, but could it be enough to shape the way a grand jury handles the controversial case? An exclusive video first broadcast Wednesday on CNN shows …

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Police slam female professor to the ground in shocking video

An Arizona State University professor who was arrested by campus police last month is claiming self-defense, and the incident is getting a whole lot more attention now that 3TV has obtained video of it. “The reason …

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Yet another Study Suspects Thousands of False Convictions

By ADAM LIPTAK comprehensive study of 328 criminal cases over the last 15 years in which the convicted person was exonerated suggests that there are thousands of innocent people in prison today. Almost all the …

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Black Partners—and Lawyers—Still a Rarity in BigLaw

The gender gap isn’t the only diversity issue BigLaw has trouble solving. According to a new survey out on Thursday, black lawyers make up just 1.9% of partners at the nation’s 100 top-grossing law firms—and the …

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Law Firm Diversity Remains an Elusive Goal

The rarity of African-American partners in the Am Law 100 law firms is such that they can be counted on one hand and the crisis of diversity in the white, male dominated law business raises its ugly head yet again.  …

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