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Judge Refuses To Postpone Hearing Because Maternity Leave Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse

Sexism is pervasive in the legal profession, and it’s highly unusual if a week passes and there isn’t something to decry about the way women are treated by their male colleagues. From pay inequities and being passed …

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Biden: Young Men Need To Stand Against Domestic Violence

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden said Friday the nation needs to bring young men into the struggle against domestic violence by encouraging them to stand against the crime on college campuses. Biden, …

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Black Partners—and Lawyers—Still a Rarity in BigLaw

The gender gap isn’t the only diversity issue BigLaw has trouble solving. According to a new survey out on Thursday, black lawyers make up just 1.9% of partners at the nation’s 100 top-grossing law firms—and the …

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Law Firm Diversity Remains an Elusive Goal

The rarity of African-American partners in the Am Law 100 law firms is such that they can be counted on one hand and the crisis of diversity in the white, male dominated law business raises its ugly head yet again.  …

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