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Ringleader in massive Social Security disability scam case pleads guilty and agrees to testify against others

One of the ringleaders in a massive Social Security disability scam involving dozens of retired NYPD and FDNY members pleaded guilty Wednesday and has agreed to cooperate with authorities. Joseph Esposito, 70, is set to …

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Former Nelson Levine law firm sues former name partners

Insurance law firm Nelson Brown & Co. sued two of its former name partners shortly after they left with eight other lawyers to start their own firm called de Luca Levine. The complaint filed Monday in Montgomery …

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​Al Franken’s crusade to stop Comcast and save media

Most consumers are not fond of their cable companies, but comedian turned US Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, really doesn’t like Comcast. Since winning his Senate seat in 2008 in what turned out to …

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Amazon being accused of bullying publishers and authors

The world’s biggest bookstore is a bit smaller these days. Amazon’s secret campaign to discourage customers from buying books by Hachette, one of the big New York publishers, burst into the open on Friday. The …

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Class action lawsuit against McDonald’s alleges illegal labor practices

By: Krystle Crossman McDonald’s has been in the news for lawsuits filed by customers for years. They have been sued for coffee that is too hot. They have been sued with the claim that they make people fat (although …

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