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California Lawmakers Pass Mandatory Jail Bill Inspired By Stanford Rape Case

California lawmakers, responding to outrage over the six-month jail term given to a former Stanford University swimmer after his conviction for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, passed legislation on Monday …

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The Big Problem With The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Super Court That We’re Not Talking About

A secretive super-court system called ISDS is threatening to blow up President Barack Obama’s highest foreign policy priority. Investor-state dispute settlement — an integral part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership …

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New York Court Redefines What It Means To Be A Parent

New York state’s highest court ruled on Tuesday that nonbiological, nonadoptive parents can seek custody or visitation rights, expanding the definition of what it means to be a parent. The New York State Court of …

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Victoria’s Secret model conned lawyer into renting drab apartment through embellished Airbnb listing: lawsuit

This place is a dump! That’s what California lawyer Christian Pugaczewski says about the “fashionable” apartment he thought he was renting on Roosevelt Island this summer from a Victoria’s Secret model. In …

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Law designed to protect cops from ambush attacks lacks federal funding

A federal law meant to protect police officers from ambush attacks has languished for 15 months with no effort to implement its changes, according to a new report. Named for two New York City cops killed execution-style …

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Staten Island man pummeled by NYPD cop during asthma attack files $6M suit

A gay Staten Island man suffering from an asthma attack was pummeled by an NYPD cop who repeatedly called him a “f—ing f—-t,” a new $6 million lawsuit alleges. One night last September, James …

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Singer Sean Kingston accused of using bad checks to buy more than $300G worth of stuff from NYC watchmaker

“Beautiful Girls” singer Sean Kingston owes a New York City watchmaker more than $300,000 after buying nine “high-end” items with bad checks, a new Manhattan federal court lawsuit alleges. …

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Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue federal parole officials who failed to report parole violations by the man who later kidnapped her and held her captive for 18 years in a shed outside his California home, a federal appeals …

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Bite-mark expert stands by his testimony, though he can’t recall much about it

A bite-mark expert who claimed to have matched bite marks on an elderly woman’s body to the man accused of her murder didn’t see the need to prepare for a deposition taken after the case was reopened. During the …

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Judge says it’s her policy to retroactively sign orders issued by appointed fill-in lawyers

A Tennessee judge is defending her policy of signing orders issued by lawyers or judges appointed to fill in for her when she is on vacation. Judge Rachel Bell retroactively signed orders keeping 11 people in mental …

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