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A Hard-to-Obstruct Supreme Court Nominee: Diane Humetewa FTW

The first female, Native American federal judge in U.S. history should become the first Native American justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. As Senate Republicans prepare to obstruct any nomination to the Supreme Court …

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Anti-Abortion Strategy Of Focusing On Clinics Came ‘Out Of Nowhere’

When the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday hears a major abortion case for the first time in nearly a decade, the regulations at issue will not involve fetuses or the mother, but rather standards for doctors and …

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What Would a Progressive Supreme Court Look Like?

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, paired as it is with the 2016 election, leaves the future of the Supreme Court hanging in the balance. Yet while it’s obvious what a conservative future for the …

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Who Believes the GOP Is Serious About Blocking Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee?

Senator McConnell and the Republican majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee have pledged that they will not “hold hearings on any Supreme Court nominee until after our next President is sworn in on January 20, …

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Minority women are disappearing from BigLaw–and here’s why

Occasionally when Jenny Jones walks down the hall of her white-shoe law firm, a chairman emeritus will stop and ask how she’s doing and about her work. These moments are a highlight because outside of this …

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How To Register Voters In A South Carolina Jail

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA — It’s a Thursday afternoon in central South Carolina and inmates at the Sumter Lee Regional Detention Center are lying on their beds or sitting around cafeteria-style tables watching TV, …

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Montana teen with learning disabilities committed suicide after suffering two years of bullying at school, according to a lawsuit

A teen with learning disabilities and “a heart too big for this world” committed suicide after he suffered two years of persistent bullying, according to a lawsuit against his school district. Deon Gillen, 18, took …

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Donald Trump rips judge overseeing lawsuit against Trump University, highlights his Hispanic ethnicity

Donald Trump’s habit of denigrating Hispanics reared its ugly head Saturday as the billionaire blowhard bad-mouthed the judge overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University. The Donald took aim at U.S. District …

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Courtroom erupts as dope dealing bottom-feeder sentenced to eight years in drugging death of girlfriend’s 13-month-old daughter

An upstate courtroom exploded with emotion as a drug-dealing junkie was sentenced to eight years behind bars for his role in the death of his girlfriend’s baby daughter. Joshua Bennett, 35, quietly told a Washington …

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Salesforce CEO Is Going To War In Georgia Over New Anti-LGBT Bill

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is strapping on his boxing gloves again. Nearly a year after the cloud-computing giant led the charge to topple a law in Indiana that legalized discrimination against LGBT people in the name …

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