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Attorney told innocent teen accused of rape “I was a big black teenager…and no jury would believe anything I said”

(CNN) — Eighty years — that’s about how long it took the state of Alabama to posthumously pardon the last three of nine men who were falsely accused and wrongly convicted of raping two white women on a …

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Study shows the Supreme Court is quietly revising decisions without public notice

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has been quietly revising its decisions years after they were issued, altering the law of the land without public notice. The revisions include “truly substantive changes in factual …

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Judges on trial for fixing tickets for politically-connected people

IT’S TIME for the judges to be judged. Six former Traffic Court judges and two businessmen will head to federal court in Philadelphia this morning for jury selection in their trial on accusations that they …

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Donald Sterling not paying fine is a signal to the NBA that he’s going to fight

The letter from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s attorney to the NBA claiming no wrongdoing on Sterling’s behalf is a persuasive indication he plans to fight the league in court, sports law …

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Man Wrongly Accused of Mυrder Freed After 34 Years

A man wrongly convicted of kιlling the wife of a New Orleans police officer was freed from prison after 34 years. Reginald Adams was convicted of mυrdering Cathy Ulfers in 1979, but prosecutors have since admitted …

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​Al Franken’s crusade to stop Comcast and save media

Most consumers are not fond of their cable companies, but comedian turned US Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, really doesn’t like Comcast. Since winning his Senate seat in 2008 in what turned out to …

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Amazon being accused of bullying publishers and authors

The world’s biggest bookstore is a bit smaller these days. Amazon’s secret campaign to discourage customers from buying books by Hachette, one of the big New York publishers, burst into the open on Friday. The …

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Cop gets fired after shooting 93-year old woman

A Texas cop who fatally shot a 93-year-old woman following a family dispute has been fired. Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem was dismissed Saturday by the Hearne City Council, four days after long-time resident …

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Mother’s Day ‘Week Of Action’ To Support Marissa Alexander

Supporters of Marissa Alexander have organized a Mother’s Day “Week of Action” to raise awareness about Alexander’s case and the harsh realities of Black mothers behind bars. As previously reported by NewsOne, …

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Amazon workers sue because they don’t have enough time to eat

A group of Amazon warehouse workers in South Carolina are suing the world’s biggest online retailer claiming that the company’s workplace policies don’t leave them with enough time to eat their lunches. …

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